Five Pillars Of Islam Replace Pledge

An alarming piece of paper was issued through the Public School system in Florida. The brief synopsis was directed towards the Pledge Of Allegiance, simple request: Check yes / no if you allow your child to sit / not participate in reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance (Paraphrased sentence). This document has moved across social media outlets like a hot knife through butter, rightfully so, however, majority of complainants need to know the agenda behind this moronic  position by the school administrators. Muslims can only have allegiance to allah and nothing else, period, zip nadda. The school system is pandering to demands by Muslims (My opinion) to remove the Pledge of Allegiance from the classroom, which will be the next step in this moronic ideology called Islam.

The Muslim Student Association is absolutely opposed to the Pledge of Allegiance (American). The organization promotes it’s Pledge on school campuses across the country. As proven by this video.

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