Another City Falls Into Islamic Control

Paterson New Jersey has fallen into Islamic control. They truly control the city (unelected control) and rule with an Islamic Fist. The main street has been transformed into a Turkey / Syrian business district, shop after shop featuring Arab merchandise, from eateries to hookah shops. The school district has unofficially adopted Islamic holidays, such as Eid al-Adha the 11th of September, district schools will be closed on Monday September 12th. This is not assimilation, but, clearly occupation by an enemy of the city, state, and nation. The truth is: Political Correctness is destroying this country, day by day. The city has been transformed over the past 7-10 years, steadily changing towards a Pro-Palestine anti Israel population, mostly Syrian and Turkey residents make up the cities population. The city is also a “refugee safe city” over the past 3-5 years under the Obama administrations Refugee program. Dr haniThe city just opened this brand new school and discreetly named it after an Anti-American / Anti-Israel Muslim man named Hani Awadallah. Mr. Hani Awadallah has close ties Hamas and Hezbollah. The challenge facing Americans today is cities across the country are slowly being transformed into Muslim strongholds right under the nose of average Americans.

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