Honoring Pro-Palestinian’s, Not Good!

raradiolistening; Dr. Hani Awadallah was a Pro-Palestine hate filled Arab man, not sure if he was even an American Citizen. I did not know him personally, but, I certainly knew of him. He was filled with anti-American / anti-Jew rhetoric. He supported a pro-occupying ideology, advocating for rights within the  Arab community in accordance to Sharia Law. A prolific writer of letters to the editor and a frequent speaker at public forums, Awadallah was fearless and often fiery in his opinions. He got in the faces of such dignitaries as Pascrell and former governor Jim McGreevey over foreign policy, and tussled with former Paterson mayor Joey Torres over a microphone during a rally protesting the arrests of members of an Arab family. Paterson school officials have segregated the children, sending majority of Muslim children to this school. We should not have Muslim specific schools, very dangerous precedent.

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