Buffalo NY Falls To Islamic Invasion

Raradiolistening.com: The Islamist is conquering city after city throughout America, from Buffalo New York to Dearborn Michigan the movement rolls into Paterson, NJ and on and on without resistance. (Excerpt) From article posted in Frontpage Magazine. The 29,209 Islamic Terrorist attack counter is as of September 12, 2016.

In the past decade, Erie County “resettled” nearly 10,000 refugees. Most of them have been inflicted on Buffalo and Black Rock, the same targets as that original invasion two centuries ago that claimed Sarah’s life.

Buffalo has four resettlement agencies working to bring as many Muslims as they can. Among them is the International Institute of Buffalo which was set up after WWI to bring “war brides” to America, but which now specializes in bringing Muslims here instead. Tickets to the Institute’s big event, Buffalo Without Borders, run as high as $10,000 a piece, and it is billed as “A Party Only the IIB Can Throw.”

One of these parties featured chocolates “inspired” by Iraqi Muslim migrants.

In Lovejoy though the price ranges are a little different. Like Sarah Lovejoy, the residents of this area, once Polish and Italian, are under siege.

A few months after September 11, Frank Scalisi passed away at the age of 92. For 50 years, Frank and his wife Edith had run Rosati’s Supermarket. Frank had presided over the Buffalo Retail Food Dealers and served as deputy sheriff for the Marine Division of Eric County. He coached a softball team in the sixties that became known as “The Goosport Phenomenon”.

And then Rosati’s was no more and in its place was the IGA Community Express Mart run by the Alshami clan. The Alshamis were part of the flood of Yemeni Muslim migrants who had washed up in Buffalo.

Full Article Here: http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/264111/invasion-buffalo-daniel-greenfield

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