Choosing To Be Gay Is Not A Civil Right    The gay agenda has been protected under the “Civil Rights” movement, however, being gay is a choice, and choices have consequences not necessarily protections. An individual born of black complexion (example) does not have a choice and thus has no protections, unless covered under a “Civil Right” to be treated fairly, firmly and consistently based on his / her character / integrity and actions. A civilized society shall not judge someone solely on the color of their skin, as expressed by Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech, and America responded (politically) and established laws against segregation and discrimination, protecting an individual who had no choice in what color his / her skin was, or how slanted their eyes, or how big their nose, protection are justified and exist under the law.

Today we are witnessing businesses, athletes, and rock stars boycotting states because of the transgender bathroom issue, such is with North Carolina. The NCAA is boycotting North Carolina because the state legislation does not accept being transgender a civil right (basically) and believes it a persons choice and because it’s a choice it does require protections under the civil rights law. The fact remains: Gay is not noticeable by appearance, it’s a choice, and only validated by the individual making the choice. They want to tell everyone their gay, proud and need protection because of this choice, not because of the color of their skin.

The Bible is clear: Men / Women “WILL CHOOSE TO LEAVE” the natural use of the body, men will lie with men and women with women. (Paraphrased) One can only choose to leave if one has choice, not if they were born that / this way.  Gay is not a birth defect it is a choice. The country is being torn apart because of this issue / agenda, and I’m afraid it’s only the beginning, as bestiality, incest, and pedophilia activist seek “Civil Right” protections.

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