Islam’s Successful Weekend, Jihad This past weekend we witnessed several attacks against our civilization, from Minnesota to New Jersey across the bridge into New York jihadist laid waste to our civilization, accounting for 35+ injured individuals, from local law enforcement to evening shoppers. The Jihadist responsible for the mall stabbings was killed. The Jihadist responsible for the attack on an off duty officer was killed. The Jihadist responsible for the attacks in New Jersey and New York, wounding over 25 individuals was captured and being interrogated at the time of this writing.

Jihad is required under Sharia Law, which in laymen’s term is Islamic law. The Jihadist mission is to create havoc, chaos and destruction. The individual DOES NOT have to belong to a terrorist cell / organization to be a Jihadist, by default ALL MUSLIMS are Jihadists, whether they are destroying your country by bomb or welfare (income) all Muslims are Jihadists, period. Their goal: Destroy infidel societies from within!!

These attacks are part of Islam AND ARE NOT our fault, Americans are not responsible for these attacks. Islamic Jihadist with an ideology of world domination are responsible and should be treated as enemies of the state, period. The mainstream media and Obama administration are going to try and blame us, Trump and those on the right of center. They are going to claim Islamaphobia is our problem and Americans are to blame for these attacks. We are not to blame.

The heading of this article reads: Islam’s Successful Weekend, Jihad, and should be a warning to all Judeo /  Christians within America. IF the Jihadist becomes the victims within the media as they usually do then they win again. They are not victims, they are enemies of the state and need to be charged and sentenced in accordance to our laws.

As of this writing the mainstream media along with the Hillary campaign are blaming Trump for these attacks on our civilization. This is where Jihad wins, when we blame Americans for their determination to conquer the world.

Islam is the cancer, America needs to be the cure. We are at war with Islam, period.

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