“Your American Skin”, This is Madness!!

This video is typical of the left. The bleeding hearts within the music industry and movie industry are propagandist, agenda misogynists and are destroying this country. They (RAPPERS) sing songs straight out of hell, make millions spreading this garbage across the airwaves then have the nerve to blame the “whiteman” or the “cop” for the challenges within the inner cities. The inner cities is where 75% of their rap music (garbage) is sold. They glorify rape, murder, death, drugs, whores, beatings, shootings and all the other garbage it takes to make a B rated movie within their rap songs and yet when their followers conduct themselves in line with their music, it’s not their fault, it’s the “whiteman” the “cops” fault, no no no, it’s the fault of the political left and those creating this garbage music / videos.

How dare Mary J Blige, a rich, super rich African American rapper, musician spill her (music) filth onto kids in the inner cities and then turn around and allude to cops targeting those within the inner cities because they commit crimes and lawless acts. Cops are not targeting African Americans because of the color of their skin, politicians are using African Americans skin color to target all Americans and create a race war that did not exist prior to the Presidency of Barak (Barry Sotoro before Muslim Conversion) Hussein Obama.

Serenading Hillary Clinton because their is a race war underway in America is absurd. The President of the United States is responsible for this race war, he is an instigator, agitator and destroying the inner cities with his political agenda and using the “whiteman” and “cops” to achieve his goal.

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