Trump The Greatest PRO LIFE Advocate! I have been on this earth for almost 50 years, 30+ years as a voter and “right wing conservative” and I cannot remember a POLTICAL position as strong as Trumps IN DEFENSE of LIFE. He is without doubt the outsider within Washington D.C. I understand he raises a lot of concerns within politics and throughout homes across this country, his ego, his arrogance, his temper, all come into question daily, HOWEVER, his true character rises to the test everyday. The mainstream media wants you to believe he is a kook, blowhard, arrogant sexist pig, he is not.

He is not perfect, he is not the messiah. HE IS ABSOLUTELY BETTER THAN HILLARY and possibly the best Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan. God Bless Donald Trump and MAY God Bless America AGAIN……..


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