Emasculating Men The New Agenda

raradiolistening.com:  Presidential candidate Donald Trump has exposed the next agenda within the political lefts arsenal of destroying this country, the emasculating of men. This agenda is clear, deliberate, and atop the political crap pile of political correctness. The male species today is under assault, all males, especially the white male, bulls eye targeted everyday within society.

Women today can expose 70% of their flesh, wearing seductive outfits and erotic perfume and a young man “whistles” in appreciation of the beauty walking before him and he is ripped to shreds, berated and considered a predator. These are the same women  attending opening night of the sexually provocative 50 Shades Of Grey Blockbuster movie, of which smacking, licking, and whipping of the female is met with cheers from the audience, of which 75% were female.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the first instalment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. Box office: 571 million USD

We should understand the agenda is only political or should we say politically correct, box office sales of 571 million and book sales of 60 million copies prove women desire sexually powerful men. There are several women within media espousing themselves as protectors of women, claiming they are not sexual objects, and men such as Donald Trump are sexual predators, however, no proof of such has been made available. Women today have power of the mouth, not power of proof, they can claim being victimized by men and the media marches to the beat of destroying the man accused, even when evidence is non existent.

One such female is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, she has become a personal attack dog against Donald Trump. She professes herself to be a defender of women against sexual predators such as Donald Trump, even though there is no proof, nor even anecdotal evidence proving Donald Trump is a sexual predator. I contend he is a MAN!! She has also stated: Women are not sexual objects. A few quotes by anchors and politicians.

Kelly: “The New York Times” is reporting correctly that women had accused a presidential candidate of sexual assault. Now that’s news on any level. I mean you can’t argue that that’s not news. (No Evidence has been revealed).

Kelly: “What if he (Donald Trump) is a sexual predator?

Biden: Trump is ‘sexual predator’ but Bill Clinton conduct ‘shouldn’t matter’

Kelly: “Generally the sexual predators don’t do it to their guy friends.”


Please MEN no whistling, no comments. She is not desiring to be sexy, just promoting her professional career as a news anchor on Fox News channel. See the Fox News advertisements!!!
emasulating  This is without doubt an agenda, one gaining momentum due to Donald Trump surpassing all expectations, potentially even winning the Presidential election in just 14 days. This agenda is not new, we have witnessed it’s movement throughout the years, as far back as the attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in the mid 90’s.
A poll was recently released that asserted 43% of women joggers are verbally assaulted while jogging, victimized by sexually aggressive men, individuals whistling and cackling as these women jog past them. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/young-women-joggers-harassed-study-article-1.2846002 article-run-10261-2

I am not advocating for the harassment of women, it is unacceptable, however, whistling and commenting have now been classified as harassing statements by the liberal left, politically and within the media. Men and Women are sexual creatures, not sexual predators, seeking sex with every man or women, yet, the political agenda of emasculating men is pushing ALL MEN into a “predator” category.

Men were created as protectors and providers, not predators and it’s imperative that Men be Men, not only for themselves but for society.

Predator definition: a person or group that ruthlessly exploits others.

mmmm, based on the definition alone, politicians and mainstream media news anchors are best defined as predators, they exploit others daily.

***** All forms of harassment, stalking, and groping should immediately be reported to the local authorities****    These actions should not be tolerated by a civilized society!!




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