Eliminate The Socialist Ideology!!

Change vs Progress

Society Must Remain Open to “Change”, NOT!!

“Progress”, Yes

Rational thinkers would desire to adhere to our Founding Fathers principles and teachings resonating within the Constitution, however, who within Washington DC is rational?  No one. As a free nation we are not afraid to experiment with government in order to discover those things that suit us and those that do not, yet, time and time again we find the experiment fails, the establishment cannot deliver and America as a nation deteriorates.

The Founding Fathers were not perfect men, however, one should consider their exceptional thought (s) on establishing a free nation.

    “Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also and keep pace with the times.” –Thomas Jefferson to S. Kercheval, 1816.

This is the secret of a dynamic society. As knowledge advances, institutions adapt and progress is made, change should be withheld, and not supported. Too many within the nation demand change (30%), majority of whom are socialist and communist and for decades supported change within the shadows. Some of this change has been chaotic, because all advancement includes a mixture of failure and success. Common sense dictates that we cut our losses on the failures and hold on to the successes of which we support progress, not change; or as Jefferson put it:

    “The precept is wise which directs us to try all things and hold fast that which is good.” –Thomas Jefferson to W. Drayton, 1788.

In the process of advancing knowledge and adapting, we cannot, we must not deviate from our fundamental principles, of which have proven worthy time and time again. The founding fathers were exceptional men.

They understood that of which they wrote: The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill Of Rights, these were not just words written on parchment, these were thought over principles and truths they believed in with all their mind, body and soul. These were words of power, authority, and freedom for the citizens, not the government.

    “Lay down true principles and adhere to them inflexibly.” –Thomas Jefferson to S. Kercheval, 1816.

In the face of progress, true principles — the inherent and inalienable rights of man — do not change, must not change. The definition of progress is: forward or onward movement towards a destination.  The definition of change is: make or become different. Allen Keyes warned us, should have heeded his warning. Obama’s “change” was going to destroy this country;



President Obama campaigned on a platform of “Hope and Change” in 2008 which required the socialist and communist to emerge from the shadows and take hold of their agenda, CHANGE America from the inside out. They, under an Obama Presidency would no longer be outcasts, organizing and working within the shadows of our society, they could emerge into the light of a new day and openly move their agenda into society. They succeeded for 8 years.

President Obama’s campaign for “change” resonated with all Socialists, Communists, Marxist and Islamists within the country, their opportunity to seize Americas Free and Liberated soul, stop progress, hinder freedom and destroy liberty. America did not need to change, it did not need hope, it needed to adapt as intended by the Founding Fathers, which inevitably would have resulted in progress.

The Socialist, Communist, Marxist, and Islamist must CHANGE America, corrupt her soul, eradicate her evangelism and eviscerate her Freedom so they can CHANGE the world into their Utopia, “servitude”. The haves and have not’s!

The Founding Fathers believed America would constantly progress if controlled by the citizenry and not the ideologues. They understood “changing” was bad, but “progress” was good, which is why they established the framework for progress within the core documents of this nation.

President Obama attempted and unfortunately succeeded many times to change (completely ignore) the Constitution, the pen being mightier than the voter, or the Senate. He knew the citizens (majority) would not change the direction of the nation so he used the pen to change it’s direction, ultimately towards Communism / Marxism of which we rest at it’s feet today. His agenda has been abruptly stopped due to a whirlwind victory by President-Elect Donald Trump.

Fortunately for us the Founding Fathers believed in people, honesty and loyalty to the country, they knew when the country was headed in the wrong direction, we, the people would stand tall and at all cost turn the country back towards them, and the principles they believed in. This has happened time and time again throughout our history.

    “I have such reliance on the good sense of the body of the people and the honesty of their leaders that I am not afraid of their letting things go wrong to any length in any cause.” –Thomas Jefferson to M. Dumas, 1788.

Most often, on closer examination we find that the enemies of progress in fact have a secret agenda. When private interests are promoted by a specific interpretation of the “Founding Father’s intentions,” those interests cling to the past as though they were the defenders of the true faith.

“Those who [advocate] reformation of institutions (pari passu ) with the progress of science [maintain] that no definite limits [can] be assigned to that progress. The enemies of reform, on the other hand, [deny] improvement and [advocate] steady adherence to the principles, practices and institutions of our fathers, which they [represent] as the consummation of wisdom and acme of excellence, beyond which the human mind could never advance.” –Thomas Jefferson to J. Adams, 1813.

Our Founding Fathers had no intentions that established institutional forms appropriate for the country should remain unrevised forever, contrary to belief, they desired progress, they allowed for progress within all the founding documents. They did not desire change, they desired progress. The Founding Fathers knew within their mind, body and souls that what they endeavored upon and succeeded in doing was as near to perfection as humanly possible and there was no need to change it, ever.

They desired progress, “seeking” perfection, not necessarily achieving it by those coming behind them. If we continue to seek perfection, striving for progress as a nation daily, building upon what the Founding Fathers established for us as a nation we will never need to change, but, rather continually demand progress, seeking perfecting what the Founding Fathers had started.

Remember; change means to move in a direction opposite of one currently upon. We did not need to change, as promised by President Obama, we just needed to modify our current position. As a nation we did not do that, we “changed” and move dangerously close to having our Freedom and Liberties ripped out of our soul.

    “I willingly acquiesce in the institutions of my country, perfect or imperfect; and think it a duty to leave their modifications (progress) to those who are to live under them, and are to participate of the good or evil they may produce. The present generation has the same right of self-government which the past one has exercised for itself.” –Thomas Jefferson to J. Pleasants, 1824.

In fact, Jefferson expected future generations to be every bit the equal of the Founders, believing wisdom would always prevail, if, we did not lose the truth of our past.

    “Our children will be as wise as we are and will establish in the fullness of time those things not yet ripe for establishment.” –Thomas Jefferson to J. Tyler, 1810.

He thought it inconceivable that a later generation would knowingly throw away the heritage of freedom.

    “The generation which is going off the stage has deserved well of mankind for the struggles it has made and for having arrested that course of despotism which had overwhelmed the world for thousands and thousands of years. If there seems to be danger that the ground they have gained will be lost again, that danger comes from the [upcoming] generation. But that the enthusiasm which characterizes youth should lift its parricide hands against freedom and science would be such a monstrous phenomenon as I cannot place among possible things in this age and this country.” –Thomas Jefferson to W. Mumford, 1799.

I urge all Americans to eradicate Socialism / Communism / Marxism***  within every level of our society. We need to push them back into the shadows, oppress their ideology, eradicate their means of promoting their ideology / agenda. We came as close to “death of Nation” as humanly possible over the past 8 years and it must not be repeated in our lifetime again.

***Islam is first cousin*** Islam is Obamas Tool to destroy America…


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