AmerIslam’s Socialists Must Be Defeated

Who is the Socialist Today?

The Socialist today is undoubtedly the Obama (Politician) Democrat. The Democrat party today has moved so far left of center they cannot even see the center line of politics. The majority of these individuals are millennial’s, ranging from 18-32 years of age, easily identified by the loud whine emanating from their mouths. They desire all that is free, knowing there is nothing free in this life, yet, they demand free health care, free college education, free child care, free phones, free rent etc. The democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton campaigned almost entirely in favor of Socialism and attracted a large majority of this millennial group, however, her Socialist agenda was not left enough, millennial’s desired the Communist candidate Bernie Sanders, but, internal party decision was made and Hillary was the candidate chosen to campaign against Donald Trump for the office of President.

Communist Party in America.

For the first half of the 20th century, the Communist Party was a highly influential force in various struggles for democratic rights. It played a prominent role in the U.S. labor movement from the 1920s through the 1940s, having a major hand in founding most of the country’s first industrial unions (which would later use the McCarran Internal Security Act to expel their Communist members) while also becoming known for opposing racism and fighting for integration in workplaces and communities during the height of the Jim Crow period of U.S. racial segregation. Historian Ellen Schrecker concludes that decades of recent scholarship offer “a more nuanced portrayal of the party as both a Stalinist sect tied to a vicious regime and the most dynamic organization within the American Left during the 1930s and ’40s”.

By August 1919, only months after its founding, the Communist Party claimed 50,000 to 60,000 members. Members also included anarchists and other radical leftists. At the time, the older and more moderate Socialist Party of America, suffering from criminal prosecutions for its antiwar stance during World War I, had declined to 40,000 members. The sections of the Communist Party’s International Workers Order organized for communism around linguistic and ethnic lines, providing mutual aid and tailored cultural activities to an IWO membership that peaked at 200,000 at its height.

But the Communist Party’s early labor and organizing successes did not last. As the decades progressed, the combined effects of the second Red Scare, McCarthyism, Nikita Khrushchev’s 1956 Secret Speech denouncing the previous decades of Joseph Stalin’s rule, and the adversities of the continued Cold War mentality, steadily weakened the Party’s internal structure and confidence. The Party’s membership in the Comintern and its close adherence to the political positions of the Soviet Union made the party appear to most Americans as not only a threatening, subversive domestic entity, but also as a foreign agent fundamentally alien to the American way of life. Internal and external crises swirled together, to the point where members who did not end up in prison for party activities tended either to disappear quietly from its ranks or to adopt more moderate political positions at odds with the Communists’ party line. By 1957, membership had dwindled to less than 10,000, of whom some 1,500 were informants for the FBI.

The party attempted to recover with its opposition to the Vietnam War during the civil rights movement in the 1960s, but its continued uncritical support for an increasingly stultified and militaristic Soviet Union increasingly alienated them from the rest of left-wing America, which saw this supportive role as outdated and even dangerous. At the same time, the party’s aging membership demographics and noticeably hollow calls for “peaceful coexistence” failed to speak to a new Left in the United States.

With the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev and his effort to radically alter the Soviet economic and political system from the mid-1980s, the Communist Party finally became estranged from the leadership of the Soviet Union itself. In 1989, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union cut off major funding to the CPUSA due to its opposition to glasnost and perestroika. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the party held its convention and attempted to resolve the issue of whether the Party should reject Marxism-Leninism. The majority reasserted the party’s now purely Marxist outlook, prompting a minority faction which urged social democrats to exit the now reduced party. The party has since adopted Marxism-Leninism within its program. In 2014, the new draft of the party constitution declared: “We apply the scientific outlook developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin and others in the context of our American history, culture and traditions.”

The Communist Party USA is based in New York City. For decades, its West Coast newspaper was the People’s World, and its East Coast newspaper was The Daily World. The two newspapers merged in 1986 into the People’s Weekly World. The PWW has since become an online only publication, called People’s World. The party’s former theoretical journal, Political Affairs Magazine, is now also published exclusively online, but the party still maintains International Publishers as its publishing house. In June 2014, the Party held its 30th National Convention in Chicago.

A variety of social issues appear on the organizations website.

  • Support the upsurge for workers rights and racial justice

The Fight for $15 and a Union along with Black Lives Matter, the Dreamers, Rev. Barber’s Forward Together Moral Movement, Bernie Sanders’ political revolution are raising consciousness about how systemic racism and low wage jobs are good for big corporations but not for the people or our country. The AFL CIO and Working America are going door to door in swing states with this message.

These movements pushed the Democratic Party to adopt the most pro-worker and progressive platform in its history. A landslide vote that wins a Democratic president, Senate and House of Representatives will send a message that racist “dog whistle” politics are unacceptable. The real win will be if and when labor and community organizing pushes even harder after the election to enact the progressive platform, and to run its own candidates at the local level. If Trump were to become president all people’s rights and needs will be endangered putting the people’s fight back onto the defensive.

  • Support progressive candidates and ballot measures to take back Congress and State houses

A landslide vote for President can help win the Senate and House of Representatives. Under Republican control the Congress has obstructed much of what President Obama wanted to accomplish. A broad alliance elected President Obama,, but was not strong enough to stay united behind a common program and action after election day. The upsurge for workers rights and racial justice today is already preparing for what happens after the election.

 However, to effectively push and win a progressive platform will require a Democratic controlled White House and Congress and as many progressives elected to Congress as possible, like Zephyr Teachout in New York and Tulsi Gabbard in Hawaii and Pramila Jayapal in Washington State all of whom allied with Bernie Sanders political revolution..

 A landslide vote for President can also help elect progressives to state houses. It can upend the Koch Brothers focus on gaining Republican control in states and destroying public sector unions and services, enacting voter suppression laws and rigging elections. A landslide vote can also give added momentum to progressive ballot measures like the universal healthcare measure on the ballot in Colorado.

The above two Communist Party positions are absolutely anti-American. I would urge all readers to pay particular attention to the word “progressive” within the above platform position. The founding fathers were all about progress, however, their intentions were never to support progressives, or shall we say, Socialists and Communists. The Founding Fathers were all about progress and advancing America forward within the founding documents. They were not in favor of change, advancing America in opposition to the founding documents. The minimum wage increase demand of $15.00 is a job destroyer, not creator. The Socialist / Communist are always demanding better wages; however, they themselves never seem to take the risks associated with creating jobs. They are typically laborers and not entrepreneurs.

When the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago initiated last week’s strikes at the city’s fast-food and retail outlets, the protesters rallied around the cry “Fight for $15” — that is, a minimum wage that’s almost double Illinois’ current $8.25.

WOCC’s rhetoric is aimed at employers and “rich executives,” but what it doesn’t realize is that its fight isn’t with management — it’s with price-conscious consumers. A $15 minimum wage will only hasten the service-industry trend toward automation and self-service, where either the customer or a computer performs a task that used to be part of someone’s job. In other words, the WOCC isn’t fighting for $15 — it’s fighting to end job opportunities.

  • Find local candidates for Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, Working Families, etc.

Our Revolution, the organization coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign, is launching with house parties across the country on August 24. Brand New Congress, with the goal of 400 new progressive candidates for Congress in 2016, has already begun outreach for candidates from the grass roots. In some states the Working Families Party is also seeking candidates. Union members and leaders, community activists, peace and justice activists are all potential elected officials. This exciting forward looking project opens the door for new political formations free from corporate domination and control. Will you consider running for office as part of this effort? Or someone you know?

The Working Families Party is actually the former New Party of which endorsed Senate candidate Barak Obama of Illinois in 1996. The New Party was established by Rev Jesse Jackson, however, was an affiliate organization of the Democrat Socialist Party of America ( ) Although the party’s founders hoped to foster a shift in the United States toward electoral fusion, they were not successful. New Party founder Daniel Cantor and other key staff members left to found the Working Families Party of New York (1998) an organization which has had considerable success in building a New Party-style org  within New York State. The Democrat Socialist Party is the U.S based offshoot of the Socialist International Party

The Socialists and Communists organizations lived within the shadows of society; however, their members live within society; maneuvering and manipulating their way into politics, from the local politics all the way to the highest office in the land, the President of the United States. President Barak Hussein Obama was presented to the American citizen as the new Democrat, seeking ‘Hope and Change’ promising a better America, however, once elected his desire to destroy America from within emerged and his true allegiance to the Socialist International Party became clear and very obvious to many on the right, but, silenced because of his race. The Socialist / Communist agenda, or manifest was birthed within Obama by several individuals, from Saul Alinskey, Frank Marshal Davis and David Axelrod to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a self professed Muslim who converted to Christianity.

The Socialist / Communist agenda is not new to America; it may be new to this generation (millennial’s) because the education system has been hijacked by the Socialist movement. Mr. McCarthy arose to fame in 1950 due to his tenacity and round up of Socialists, not only within politics, but, also Hollywood. He maintained a list of anti-American Socialists / Communists, upwards of 120+ Hollywood elites and politicians were atop this infamous list.

McCarthy was born in 1908 in the Town of Grand Chute in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. He practiced law and won election as a circuit court judge. He successfully ran for the United States Senate in 1946, defeating Robert M. La Follette Jr. After three largely undistinguished years in the Senate, McCarthy rose suddenly to national fame in February 1950 when he asserted in a speech that he had a list of “members of the Communist Party and members of a spy ring” who were employed in the State Department.

The term “McCarthyism”, coined in 1950 in reference to McCarthy’s practices, was soon applied to similar anti-communist activities. Today, if taught within the school curriculum they would consider McCarthy demagogic, reckless, and full of unsubstantiated accusations.

Of the lists, a key one consisted of 108 names from a House Appropriations Committee report, of persons declared as “security risks” in the State Department — the Lee List. The House committee chairman had complained that State wasn’t bothering to do anything about the suspects. Details of the list and its accusations were presented at the conference. The challenge McCarthy faced was from his own party, of which was not in power within either of the branches, nor the White House. The party assisting in destroying Joseph McCarthy denounced his list, investigations and left him alone and in a dark place. He died at the young age of 48, cause of death, hepatitis, of which many attribute to his consumption of alcohol. The challenges McCarthy faced where a little different than the ones we face today regarding Socialism / Communism, his challenge was to protect American secrets, of which he believed many on his list were providing to our enemies abroad. Today, and for the better half of this generation there is no “Cold War’, greatest threat from abroad is cyber warfare, war for information and secrets maintained on hard drives and mainframes. The Socialist and Communist in McCarthy’s day was a serious threat, an external threat, information gathered on American soil by spies needed to be transferred abroad and used abroad to defeat us on allied soil, not our own. The spies of his day wanted to defeat America within their own nations, our military force, not our ideology. Our military was crushing their oppression and tyranny throughout Europe; they needed an edge, an advantage, secrets, military movements, military positions, manpower, strategy, alliances etc.

The New Party Socialist / Communist is as much a threat to America as was McCarthy’s, however, they want to destroy Americas ideology. The American Military force is to powerful, marveled by the world and never before witnessed within its history. The “spies” today do not need to steal information; they need to change information, create false information, and infuse it into our society, erode our values, our principles, our ideology of a Republic, change us from within and destroy our Freedoms and Liberties. They do not need a strong military; they need a strong agenda and individuals to promote it into the public arena of ideas.

Here is where Obama arises to power, a torch bearer for the movement whom happens to be African American, what better “assassin” for the movement could there be, it sure wasn’t going to be Hillary Clinton.

We must conclude this brief discussion of McCarthy with one more fact: The Venona Intercepts or shall we say: FBI recordings of Soviet Communications captured from within the Soviet Embassy from 1944-1948 proved McCarthy right, a vast network of spies had infiltrated American politics and military commands, stealing our Atomic Secrets and influencing foreign policy, communists enjoyed many successful missions under our nose just as McCarthy had warned.

Destroying the ideology / agenda of today’s Democrat, honestly, the Socialist Communist.

The facts are clear, the John F. Kennedy era Democrat has withered away, a mere shell of what he was and what his party believed. His party was stolen by the progressives, or bluntly stated: The Islamist. Today the Socialist Communist movement is aligned with the Islamist movement, duh, they are always aligned, yes, but never in American politics, as we have witnessed over the past 8 years. When the political right speak negatively about Obama and the positions he has advanced within the country one key fact is most assuredly left out: His ties to Islam and the agenda to destroy the west and Israel, the civilization jihad, or, to clarify, the destruction from within.

An organization moving behind the scenes since the early days of Obama’s career, yet, discussed in very few hallways is the Arab American Action Network, a grass roots organization based in Chicago Illinois. Obama was aligned with PLO advisor Edward Said, and he supported the Palestinians’ years before he was elected President. He also gave tribute to Rashid Khalidi in 2003 for his advancement of the Palestinian plight, and rights of the PLO to exist.

The toast concludes with Obama stating: “Israel’s actions are genocide against the Palestinian people” Weather underground Terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn are in attendance. This alliance will usher in millions of dollars in 2008 for Obama’s bid for the Presidency; it had already benefited him during his Senate Campaign. The rumor was; phone banks were set up in the Rafah Refugee Camp in the Gaza area, soliciting donations from foreign interests. The facts do tend to support the rumor, over $500,000 dollars found its way into the Obama campaign from the Gaza area. The campaign is also funded by International Socialist and billionaire George Soros, this is where all international connections to Socialist organizations originate, George Soros.

Mr Soros is author of a book called; George Soros on Globalization.

The alliances created by the New Party or the Democrat Socialist Party over the past 20+ years culminated in the election victory for Barak Hussein Obama, his “race” (African American) would shield him from persecution or condemnation, thus, allowing for the advancement of the Socialist Communist agenda, complete destruction of America, period!!

The emerging forces being equal, Islam and (Democrats) Communism garnered tremendous momentum during Obama’s Presidency, however, both are dealt a huge set back November 8th 2016 with the election of Donald Trump. I believe Islam is a tremendous threat to America, it has been dealt a (Political) setback, Trumps crushing of the (Democrats) Socialist / Communist agenda diminishes Islam’s political power within America. Islam throughout its history has garnered power by force, slaughtering millions in its wake and desire to seek world domination. It was / is defenseless against an American military force with an objective to win as witnessed during Desert Shield / Desert Storm. The leaders within Islam realized their fight was not going to be victorious, thus, re-grouped, re-organized, and sought a different avenue of destruction for their enemies, Israel and the west, American Politics.

They (Muslim Brotherhood) attempted to arise within politics in Egypt as well, however, a moderate Islamic government will cause a Sharia Law advocate to stick out like a green thumb, as it did within the Egyptian political system. They positioned themselves politically as moderates or independents, however, their votes heavily favored hard line Sharia Law, exposing them for who they were, thus, requiring Hosni Mubarek (Egypt President) at the time to arrest and imprison them for crimes against the country. The Muslim Brotherhood (example) is classified as a terrorist organization in Egypt, however, not in America, thus they have attached themselves to the Democratic Party within this country.

The Islamist / AmerIslams Socialist

The Islamist will not succeed within the American Political system, it’s to free and liberating, it’s not perfect, but, it’s exceptional. The Islamist (Sharia Law) would be exposed working within our system, however, when he aligns himself with a Democrat and unfortunately a Republican (RINO) at times he can shield himself politically, yet, achieve success in advancing Islam within America today.

The election MAY have halted the political alliances for the Islamist, however, it has not halted the militant (jihad) power of the Islamist, and this rattles my nerves. A leader (perceived as of now) such as Donald Trump will move aggressively against an Islamic attack on American soil, possibly so aggressively additional attacks will be greater in intensity and damage. We can defeat Islam in America by destroying political correctness, increasing intelligence gathering efforts in Islamic enclaves and inserting law enforcement agents into Mosques throughout the country, it can be done and must be done.

I believe President Trump will aggressively seek to diminish Islam’s role within the political system just as Hosni Mubarek of Egypt and also allow law enforcement officials to diminish their role on the ground. As citizens we need to vote ALL ISLMASIST out of office, sooner than later, their party has been defeated, they must be defeated in all future elections.

The reason we must destroy the Socialist and Communist ideology within America is too keep political power away from the Islamist, period. The Islamist MUST attach himself to a political party within our system of governance. They cannot move the political system in their favor without gaining political momentum, ie; laws, regulations, etc. Destroying the Socialist Anti-American ideology within America snatches our political system away from Islam, forcing them to face us with force, a force we will crush without hesitation under proper leadership. Islam has achieved great success under President Obama’s leadership, both politically and militarily, we have an opportunity now to push back and defeat Islam within America, period. We need to stop the rise of AMERISLAM!!

The power of the Democrat Party has diminished greatly over the past 6 years, however, Obama ruled by pen and not by democracy. The party has lost 4 seats in the Senate, over 50 in the House, over 12 Governorships, and approx 700 + local level seats, awesome system the founding fathers established. Today, or correctly stated January 20th 2017 the pen will transfer to a new leader, one who professes he will rule in accordance to the law of the land and be a law and order President. Our roles as citizens of these United States is not finished, local level political leadership must continue to change, in favor of Pro-American Governance, the Constitution, and Bill Of Rights. All Muslim politicians must be defeated in all future elections, regardless of political affiliation, period. The teaching of Islam within the education system must be shut-down and ALL MUSLIM Student Associations banned, of which they are all Muslim- Brotherhood affiliates.

The organizations with allegiance from the Obama Democrat (politician) today are:

The Muslim Brotherhood

Political Wing

In the different countries in which it is active, the Muslim Brotherhood operates a political movement. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is represented by the Freedom and Justice Party and in other countries by other respective political parties. The Freedom and Justice Party was dissolved by the government in August 2014. Each political party is administered separately but carries out Brotherhood policy in the political sphere in the particular country, in America it is the Democratic Party.

Women’s Wing

Women comprise a large proportion of the Muslim Brotherhood membership and field candidates for the political wing, however, all senior positions in the movement are filled by men. Women are very active in the organization and, in Egypt, run a movement against the government called Women Against the Coup. The mother of Huma Abedin, an aide to democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton, is reportedly an active member of the Egyptian Muslim Sisterhood.

Youth Wing

The Youth Wing runs education, social activities and training for the young. The Youth Wing played a large part in the 2011 Revolution. In America this is predominately the Muslim Student Association.

Paramilitary Wing

Initially the Brotherhood had a paramilitary wing which fought against the British and the nascent state of Israel. Officially, the Brotherhood has active paramilitary units, most notably the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Council American Islamic Relations

Islamic Society North America

Muslim Student Association

Islamic Relief Society

Muslim Doctors Association

The above is a very small list of affiliates, sub chapters of the Muslim Brotherhood, however, collectively represents approximately 1400 entities throughout the country. The MSA (Muslim Student Association) is located on 95% of all college campuses and approx 30% of all high schools throughout the country. The ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) has numerous charters throughout the country, almost every major city, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, etc etc.

We came close to losing the country our Founding Fathers established for us, and thank God they instilled within the frame work corrective measures to right wrongs within the system, as an electorate we righted 8 years of what was undoubtedly the worst President and cabinet in our history.

May God Bless Donald Trump and his administration AND

May God Bless America, AGAIN!!

God Bless

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