TRUMP-ing Ezekiel 38-39 War

The Emerging Ezekiel War

I do not have a crystal ball:

If I was to roll a snowball up the side of a mountain and once atop the mountain roll it down the other side, the snowball would be unstoppable for all those on the down slope of the mountain. In my opinion the snowball is now on top of the mountain. The world is in trouble and President Donald Trump is atop the mountain alongside Benjamin Netenyahu of Israel.

The prophet Ezekiel claims a war will arise in the latter / end days and a coalition of forces will attempt to walk into Israel and destroy the Hebrew people. This has been referred to by many as the Gog war, which will be led by an individual out of the Russian territories, not necessarily a Russian leader, but one from the Baltic region. Today, January 23rd 2017 no nation is attempting to siege Israel, the leadership will not allow Israel to fall, besides their potential for destroying any nation that tries is much to great.

I believe the stage is being set for the Ezekiel war / invasion today, however, Israel is too powerful and must be weakened prior to attempting an invasion. I believe Iran will be a key factor in the Ezekiel war, their nuclear ambitions are playing a major role in this future war. If Iran obtains nuclear weapons the world will forever be changed, in a very bad way. I give the world a 6-24 month window if we do not stop Iran/ Radicals from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Now, enters President Donald Trump, he has not wavered on his support of Israel and their right to defend the nation from enemies, either neighbors or afar, Israel has a sovereign right to defend their homeland.  President Donald Trump has advocated for the American Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, solidifying Jerusalem as sovereign Israeli territory. On December 23 2016 the United Nations established a resolution hostile towards Israel, demanding settlements within Jerusalem be destroyed and future building projects halted, basically declaring Jerusalem occupied territory. There are several scenarios before us that could fulfill the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, an American embassy within Jerusalem would be one.

First scenario: Political Power, President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem will inflame an already volatile  Middle East, Islamic Terrorist groups and ALL those opposed to Israel. The Ezekiel prophecy claims a coalition will move into Israel. We do not know what causes the invasion, there are several possibilities, political, economic, social, natural etc. We are just called to watch and pay attention. President Trumps desire to move the American embassy is THE RIGHT position, however, it is a very aggressive political position to take and will be viewed by the Islamic world as an act of war.

Second scenario: Outright Hatred, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons, launching one or several into the atmosphere creating an electromagnetic pulse, destroying all electronic systems throughout the middle east region, limiting Israel’s military capabilities creating an opportunity to march in and destroy Israel.

Third scenario: Military Strength, Israel destroys Iran’s capabilities in obtaining or advancing it’s nuclear weapons program, irritating the leaders of the world for their aggression against a peaceful Iran. A government leader launches one or several nuclear weapons into the atmosphere creating an electromagnetic pulse. This scenario could be initiated by several countries, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, India, etc. The invasion is decreed ok because Israel must be stopped from attacking another nation and or using it’s nuclear arsenal to defend itself against a rogue attack.

Fourth scenario: Economic Strength, President Trump is an absolute Nationalist, and will stand on American sovereignty 100% of the time. He will diminish the use of foreign oil, which will greatly affect economies within the Baltic Region, countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia will be greatly affected.  This economic position by Trump will greatly enhance and grow Americas economy while having adverse affects on the middle east as well, famine and food shortages already impact the middle east and Russia today, with a failing economy their leaders may look to Israel.  Israel has a burgeoning agricultural industry and food shortages are not a problem, invasion may look very appealing to nations such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.  Governments throughout history have invaded nations for smaller prizes.

The prophet uses the word “jaw” in describing the coalition being dragged into Israel, the jaw represents the mouth and could allude to: food (famine, drought) speaking (politics) etc. There is SOMETHING (issue) that inflames a coalition (group of nations) to attempt an invasion of Israel, and everything is on the table and it is up to us to watch and pay attention.

The Ezekiel war is not the end of all wars, it’s the transitional point within the Bible where the opportunity arises for the one world leader to emerge, call for peace and calm and set himself up as Savior. I believe the Ezekiel war changes the geographical landscape of the Middle East forever, ushering in the New World Order. The Ezekiel war will cause tremendous backlash against Israel, almost overnight, demanding Israel surrender it’s nuclear arsenal.

The one major aspect of the Ezekiel War many preachers, teachers and enthusiasts leave out is the massive earthquake he speaks of within the land of Israel. I believe the earthquake is so massive it tips the structure of government power within the world. An earthquake that causes the knees of men to shake throughout the world is so powerful it could change the balance of economic power, shifting oil reserves and dismantling transportation routes forever. Ezekiel’s description of the devastation caused by this earthquake cannot be overlooked by the reader, yet, for many it is, it’s also left out of the war scenario, yet, it’s a major part of the attack on Israel.

This earthquake is ordained by God, it will happen, it cannot be stopped, and it will change the landscape of the middle east. I believe the majority of Islamic nations will be destroyed by the earthquake, Israel will be viewed as too powerful and a leader (part of the invasion) will arise on the scene and declare a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years, of course he will not honor it.

I want you to focus on several possible scenarios:

Ezekiel’s prophecy claims a foot soldier / horseback invasion into Israel will be attempted, the force will use swords, shields, spears, etc. eluding to technology being insignificant and useless. The only way for technology to be useless in today’s war is with the use of an Electromagnetic Pulse, caused by a nuclear weapon igniting the atmosphere creating a massive burst of electricity destroying all electronics within a given radius. The world is teetering on this type of attack, either by a deranged governmental leader or a deranged radical Islamist who acquires nuclear weaponry. Iran / United Nations fits the mold on both fronts, radical leaders / supporting radical jihadists with nuclear capabilities. Iran must be stopped from obtaining nuclear weaponry, sadly, they may already have them. The governing agencies in charge of inspecting have not been allowed to visit Iran’s major plants / factories for several years.

In closing: There are too many radical Islamist’s in the world and too much money in their hands, they can easily buy weapons of mass destruction. The Ezekiel War will involve millions of foot soldiers, wearing armor and riding on horseback, it will not be a technology drone style war, an equal playing field is the only way a military force is going to attempt to walk into Israel and destroy the Hebrew people. The next 6-12 months will set the stage for where the world is heading, right now it is on a collision course towards doom.

Welcome to the Revelation!!

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