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November 26th 2016

The Trump Presidency under assault by the mainstream media. Trumps Transition team reminiscent of the Founding Fathers, trading country for wealth in troublesome times. How Globalization revealed it’s face to the world and the world rejected it, as did 62 million Americans election night 2016.

November 19th 2016

Special Guest John Guandolo and his thoughts about a Trump Presidency and National Security, plus inside information about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and why he is no longer Trumps Transition Team leader.

November 12th 2016

Victory  Victory  Victory.

November 5th 2016

The continued attacks against Trump, his family business and Hillary’s email accounts. Eric declares a 75% chance victory for Trump on election night.

October 29th 2016

Building up to the election, discussed the relentless attacks on Trump the evasiveness of Hillary and the media.

October 22nd 2016

Special Guest John Guandolo, Former FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert discusses the Islamic threat to the United States and the World. The threat is real and the challenges exist, citizen ignorance is at an all time high.

October 15th 2016

We discuss police shootings, political correctness, deceit and lawlessness.

October 8th 2016

October 1st 2016

We discuss the political climate within America, the current campaigns and the plight of America

September 24th 2016

We discuss the police shootings in Charlotte NC and Tulsa Oklahoma, protests and riots by members of Black Lives Matter. We also discuss the mall shooting in Washington State.

September 17th 2016

We discuss all the political correctness destroying the country. We also discuss the republican platform and how watering down the issues destroys the platform, where are all the “franchise conservatives”?

September 10th 2016

We discuss Islam and it’s assault on America, adding in historical truths about the so called religion of peace. We discuss the political system, the anti-Trump pro-Clinton movements, within the media and Washington DC.

August 28th 2016

We discuss the complete collapse of the political system with Washington DC, the potential collapse of the economy and what the future as in store for us if we do not correct the problems.

August 21st 2016

We discuss the socialist communist systems and how the Obama admin has transitioned America onto this ideology train ride.  We are now a country of leeches, expanding the role of government daily.

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